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Through persistence, time, and resistance we come to a greater understanding of the truth. This in turn changes the nature and structure of our ideology that is intrinsically linked to the truth. This brings to question, the process involved in the formation of an ideological set, which uses the container and demarcation as its parameters. Through the contained, we attempt to grasp some basic truth or understanding. We then proceed to put these containers in a hierarchal and logical order, demarcating each for a particular use. It is the artist’s inclination (the creative mind) to break these containers or at the very least bring them into question so they may be rearranged and improved upon. Unfortunately, although with the best intent, there is not always a marked improvement. Often some portion of the stable world is put into jeopardy when the creative mind imposes its will upon accepted, particularly long standing, conceptions. However, as an artist I prefer breaking the containers, in the hopes of finding a less flawed order, and risk putting the stable world in jeopardy than having a flawed and less than perfect order imposed upon us.


Truth = Ideological Set (defined by) Containers and Demarcation (achieved through) Persistence, Time, and Resistance


As my work is concerned I do not intend, nor do I see it as my role to arrange or rearrange the order. I intend only to break the containers. In other words, I seek to take an active role in changing our environment and perceptions. First, I recognize that nothing changes or mutates without meeting resistance. Second, all things in nature are in a constant state of change, therefore meeting resistance. Third, anything that does not adapt fast enough to this change ceases to evolve along its lineage. And finally, nothing is created nor destroyed but only takes on a new form (when I speak of creating, I’m referring to the minds ability to rearrange existing forms into new ones). Moreover, accepting that everything is in a constant state of change resulting in new forms daily one must conclude that truth and understanding will change with it. These factors: the meeting of resistance, the constant state of change, and its culmination into new forms is the result of the ebb and flow of opposites working simultaneously against and in unison with each other.


The art of mark making, particularly the organic that is an extension of the self and how future generations perceive the work embodies these factors. However, taking it a step further I sought to change the very container. In doing so the work exists to a larger extent in our own environment as opposed to a representation (portal) into another environment. Therefore, they have a greater impact on our surroundings, and accordingly surroundings influence the work – becoming part of and extending out from the whole. This duality also extends into the play between inner and outer body (form) and space. As humans, as with all things, we embody a duality. The difficulty is finding a balance conducive to well being and prolific work. Consequently, it is crucial to search for a balance between the opposites in life, and in our creations (the extension of self) – between harmony and chaos, large and small, rest and activity, life and death…